Unlock Your Optimum Energy Flow
You’ve watched an athlete freeze, miss a tie-breaking free- throw, or seen a golfer miss a putt worth thousands of dollars.

You’ve felt anxious before an interview or nervous before an exam.

Many of us have suffered anxiety or experienced stress in various situations.

What is Energy Psychology?
Energy psychology works on the premise that disturbances in the body’s energy system cause negative emotions. These disturbances block or reverse the free flow of positive energy.

Quantum Performance Institute (QPI)
will teach you to remove these blocks and restore optimum energy flow.

QPI techniques combine Western cognitive psychology with traditional Eastern concepts of energy and how it moves through the body on established paths called “meridians.” While the mind is focussed on the stressful situation, a self- administered sequence of tapping on the body’s meridian points (long established as significant sites in healing) can reestablish the flow of positive energy…for anyone.

You already possess everything you need to master these techniques.

You’ll find it interesting how quickly and easily you can feel relaxed, peaceful and in control.

How can I learn more?
Begin by attending a 3- hour seminar where you will learn the basics to get you started. (Further in- depth education is available.)

Does QPI offer individual sessions?
Yes, and unlike other therapeutic methods,
many problems need only a few treatments.
Best of all, you learn to administer the treat-
ment yourself.

What People Are Saying
I am a 51- year- old Viet Nam veteran who has carried intense issues of resentment, anger, distrust and isolation for many years. When I was first introduced to “tapping” I thought it was silly and worthless. I could not believe what happened to me. It was like some kind of miracle. Stuff that I had been carrying inside of me for well over 40 –45 years was lifted from me, out of me.
-Peter Starks

I was in such extreme panic and hysteria with fear of the unknown breast cancer and six months of chemotherapy. One session of tapping calmed me down so that I could find the courage to face my cancer treatment and the journey to recovery.
-Judy Jones, cancer survivor

I had been deathly afraid of heights all my life. After one 20- minute session I was able to look over a second story balcony. Still a little skeptical, the next day I tried climbing a ladder. I was calm and didn’t hesitate. My family would not have believed if they hadn’t seen it for themselves.
-Jo Ann Scaduto

Prior to teeing off, I have employed the tapping and visualization to areas of my golf game. I have new confidence in my swing, consistency in my drives, and I feel as if I can make any putt over any distance. I’ve taken six strokes off my rounds.
-Mike Lackey

Thank you for teaching me this very wonderful method of dealing with the anxiety from my traumatic experience last summer. I was a total wreck emotionally until I used the tapping techniques. They are a tremendous tool for dealing with stress and anxiety.
-Alexandra Salfity

I am a seventeen- year- old high school senior who witnessed a violent suicide. After two sessions and learning the exercises I was able to put this horrible incident behind me and eliminate the fear, anger, guilt, confusion and sadness that I was experiencing daily. My family and I feel that it is nothing short of a miracle.
-Carrie, Los Angeles, CA

The Power of Energy Psychology

•SPORTS - Improved accuracy in pitching, hitting, sinking free- throws and putts. It’s your serve and you’re at the top of your game.

•CEO’s, MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS, ATTORNEYS - High responsibility can mean high stress levels. Lighten the load instantly.

•EXAMS and TESTING - You’re centered and confident when you sit for the Bar exam, the GRE or SAT’s.

•PUBLIC SPEAKING - You’re poised and ready to succeed whether it’s a speech, sales presentation or live performance.

•PHOBIAS - Fears of lying, heights, spiders, and closed spaces lose their power over you.

•PHYSICAL PAIN - Immediate relief. Bring chronic pain to a manageable level.

•EMOTIONAL PAIN - Grief, heartbreak, trauma and guilt release their grip.

•ANGER & RAGE - No longer rule you.

QPI Delivers Results

•Reduce anxiety and negativity
•Generate calm using your mind and your body
•Simple, safe and easy to learn techniques
•Proven effective with children,
teenagers and adults
•Skills that last a lifetime

QPI’s Founder
Shad Meshad, M. S. W., LCSW, is past president of the Association of Traumatic Stress Specialists and has over 32 years of experience in the mental health field. He has been personally trained by Dr. Roger Callahan, pioneer in the field of energy psychology.

For more information contact
(310) 568-1065
8919 Fleetwing Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
e- mail us at:
QPI@QPIflow. com
www.QPIflow. com

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