What is Energy Psychology ? .
Energy Psychology is a general name for new ways of correcting the body's energy flow to enhance performance in all areas of life and to resolve difficult emotional issues.  One of the leading and main energy psychologies is Thought Field Therapy (TFT) developed by a pioneer in this field, Dr. Roger Callahan, who discovered and developed TFT as a treatment for psychological disturbances, and who describes TFT in the following context: TFT provides a code, that when applied to a psychological problem the individual is focusing on, will eliminate blocks in the thought field, the fundamental cause of all negative emotions. This code is elicited by TFT's causal diagnostic procedure through which simple treatment techniques were developed.

As you learn more about TFT theory, you will see that at its root, it is a radical departure from traditional psychological theories. It is consensus among most of today's traditional psychologists that biochemical imbalances in the brain, irrational beliefs or negative childhood experiences are the cause of emotional distress and psychological problems. The truth or accuracy of a theory can best be determined by the results yielded. The real test for the validity of a theory is whether or not that theory is on-line with reality.

Keeping this in mind, observe the result of the current theories that are so popular among today's traditional therapists. Do the drugs that are designed to treat biochemical imbalances in the brain ever cure psychological disturbance or are they just palliative measures, at best? Does changing a person's core beliefs have any real effect on their problem? Are people's psychological problems eliminated as a result of years of analysis and/or abreaction of childhood experiences? To any experienced psychotherapist, the answers to these questions are obvious and a cure is considered to be out of the question. The reason for the poor track record of these therapies is that they do not even come close to addressing the root cause of psychological distress. On the other hand, TFT produces in a very high percentage of cases, total elimination of all traces of psychological distress. TFT does not do anything directly to the brain or its biochemistry; it does nothing to change core beliefs, nor does it deal with understanding or reliving childhood experiences. What TFT does is eliminate blockages in the bodies energy system and in doing so, eliminates the problem at its root.

As therapists, we have been conditioned to believe that a therapy is not "deep" unless there is a great deal of analysis, lasting for years, replete with heavy emoting, catharsis and brilliant insights about one's past. In other words, many therapists, when they see TFT for the first time mistakenly think that it is just a superficial masking of symptoms or a "quick fix" that did not get at the real root of the problem. The belief here is that nothing this fast and painless could possibly be deep. Therapists who have this impression would do well to observe what the results are of the therapies that they consider to be "deep". How many cases have you actually seen where suffering in therapy actually helped the person to get tangibly better? A therapy that is truly deep and addresses the root causes of psychological distress ought to be able to produce real change in people and eliminate the problem.

TFT does just that and it does it quickly and painlessly and in doing so, revolutionizes the field. The best way for you to see this is to begin using TFT on your clients and observe the profound changes that occur as psychological distress, is eliminated. In doing so, you will see that TFT's results are indeed occurring at the deepest, most fundamental level possible.


In 1995, Dr. Charles R. Figley and Dr. Joyce Carbonell of the Psychological Stress Research Program and Clinical Laboratory at Florida State University conducted the Active Ingredient Study, which yielded impressive results in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Four new treatment methods were chosen for this study: Visual Kinesthetic Dissociation (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Traumatic Incident Reduction (TRI) and Thought Field Therapy (TFT). Dr. Figley reported the results, " TFT stood out from all other approaches of which I am aware because of five reasons:

1) It is extraordinarily powerful, in that clients receive nearly immediate relief from their suffering and treatment appears to be permanent.

2) It can be taught to nearly anyone so that clients can not only treat themselves, but treat others affected.

3) It appears to do no harm.

4) It does not require the client to talk about their troubles, something that often causes more emotional pain and discourages many from seeking treatment.

5) It is extremely efficient (fast and long lasting)."

How effective is TFT ?

Understandably, clients are skeptical whether the simplicities of the tapping treatments will be of any help. The most common questions asked are "How long will the relief last?" and " How does it work?" Dr. Figley's follow up research on clients who were treated with TFT found that in most cases the results appeared to be permanent.

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